MWLUG 2017 – Slides

As promised, and possibly the fastest I’ve ever put up slides after an event, here are my slides from my session at MWLUG 2017!  MWLUG2017-MakingTheShift My session was about developers making the shift from Notes/Domino and XPages developers to modern web developers, using Angular and Node as the example.  The slides are more for reference with some links, but I hope to be publishing more blog posts on this topic soon!20728873_10154720280425779_5264695371343899932_o

(Photo credit: Kevin Pettitt)

For those of you that have’t heard the closing session announcement, MWLUG will be changing it’s name to reflect geography a bit better (Atlanta, Austin, and Alexandria aren’t exactly in the midwest) and ironically will be moving back to the midwest!  Next year’s conference will be in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

This conference is a great conference and I’ve never been to Ann Arbor, so I look forward to it!  Hope to see you there!

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