Failed Bass Guitar Experiment!

So I’m a lefty.  When I first got my bass, it honestly didn’t even occur to me to get a right-handed bass.  I went online, I ordered a left-handed bass.  I got it, I started playing it.  I’ve since learned that I maybe should have at least considered my options first.  What options, you ask?  Well, us lefties have to make a lot of alterations to this very right-handed world we live in and here are just some of the solutions lefties have come up with when playing bass:

  1. Play a left-handed bass.  Unfortunately, this means a GREATLY reduced selection in basses.  I can’t just walk into a music store and hope to noodle around on some basses to try them out.  Many stores don’t even have a single left-handed bass to purchase.  I also cannot live out my bass fantasy of attending a concert and hearing the band say “can anyone play bass and wanna come up here?” since most likely, their player and equipment will all be right-handed.
  2. Suck it up and play a right-handed bass.  As stated in point one, this would mean a lot more availability of basses, BUT being left-handed actually means that your left hand typically has more dexterity, which is really useful for plucking strings on a bass and playing wrong-handed means less dexterity.
  3. Take a right-handed bass and flip it over, learning to play essentially an upside-down bass, left-handed.  Yes, people have done this.  It kind of hurts my brain to think about though, I don’t think this is an option for me.
  4. Take a right-handed bass, flip it over, and restring it so it’s left-handed.  Yes, people have also done this.  Aside from some awkward locations of knobs and jacks, it’s essentially a lefty bass.

So what?  Well, like I said, I bought and learned on a lefty bass.  But since I’ve learned about so many options.  And that a whole new world would open up to me if I learned right-handed, I’ve wondered.  Could I do it?  However, I really don’t want to buy a new bass just to find out.  I have my first bass, which is crappy and just sitting there.  So I flipped it over and re-stringed it right-handed.  And thank goodness I didn’t waste any money on a right-handed bass as monkeys could probably play better than I did right-handed.  But it was a fun failed experiment and now I can stop wondering about playing right-handed.


  1. I’m a lefty also, and trying to play a left handed bass really sucked for me. I had a nice Squier JBass, and traded it in for a cheap lefty. Now I wish I hadn’t. Most of my activities are left handed anyway, but trying to play a guitar, let alone a bass, it’s like a monkey trying to solve a math problem!😡😫😢


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