How To Delete a User From an Azure DevOps Sprint

In the category of: “Things That Should Be Simple, But I Couldn’t Find It”

See also: “Non-obvious UI” and “Maybe It’s Just Me”

I’ve been using Azure DevOps (previously Visual Studio Team Services or VSTS) for quite some time now.  It’s a great tool for Agile development, including setting your team’s capacity for each sprint.  It’s very easy and obvious to ADD a user to your sprint team, but it wasn’t at all obvious (at least not to me), how to remove a user from a team during a sprint.

Within a specific sprint, go to the Capacity tab.  As you see here, I can “Add User”, “Add All Team Members”, and “Copy From Last Sprint”.  “Add User” is very clear, and the always present ellipsis button is pretty easy to see and click and find the other two options.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 10.59.20 AM


There is no menu option for REMOVE User.  I tried looking at the Team settings.  I googled.  Nothing.



Until I hovered over “Activity” and “Capacity per day” and noticed a new menu button, which when hovered over says “Actions…”.



Which when clicked, has “Remove this user”.  Success!


A simple task that helps clean up your sprint capacity list, and really shouldn’t have taken that long for me to figure out, but it did, so now I’ve blogged about it.


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