Mt. Eisenhower #14 – “Dope Views”

“You’re almost to the dope views”
– Hiker with a paper cup of coffee in his hands

Today we hiked Mt. Eisenhower.  Other than the above quote, nothing spectacularly funny or embarrassing happened on today’s hike.  Or as my friend said “you didn’t really have any hot mess moments”.  But, there were some dope ass views.

My favorite photo of the day, and possibly my favorite of any photo I’ve taken while hiking.
The view in another direction, in case you didn’t like the first one


Though thunderstorms and lightning were forecast for the afternoon, they didn’t start until after we got back to the car and had stopped at the AMC Highland Center for a pitstop.  Clouds were over Mt. Washington, but cleared as we hit the summit of Eisenhower (if you zoom in the top photo, you can see the antennae sticking off the top of Washington).

Requisite summit selfie
The way back down got a bit tedious, and like on any hike, our feet were hurting. Plus it was pretty warm and humid. We stopped here and cooled off in the water. Pure bliss.
Post-hike reward

Distance: 6.6 miles
Elevation gain: 2,750 feet
Time: 7 hours, 58 minutes
Dope ass views: too many to count

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