Haunted Apple Jack MINI Rally – 2019

MINIs of Boston, a local MINI club, puts on the Haunted Apple Jack Rally each year.  I’ve missed it in the past, and was determined to join in this year.  I’m glad I did!

The rally begins at MINI of Peabody.  First a little bit of highway rallying…

2019-10-12 12.59.38

2019-10-12 13.00.49

Then we hit some backroads.  As you can see, it was a bit of a gloomy day with some occasional rain spritzing.

2019-10-12 13.10.04

2019-10-12 13.11.00

2019-10-12 13.13.00

Then we stop for a break at Cider Hill Farm.  Apple picking, cider donuts, and a walk up a hill for some apple throwing?  Sure, why not.

2019-10-12 14.23.36
Photo credit: my kid

2019-10-12 14.46.00

2019-10-12 14.47.09
Photo credit: Emily Martian
2019-10-12 14.47.17
Photo credit: Emily Martian
2019-10-12 15.01.16
The vertical line of cars at the top and to the right of the big parking lot is us!

2019-10-12 15.32.05

2019-10-12 15.32.42

2019-10-12 15.33.03

2019-10-12 15.33.14

2019-10-12 15.34.14

2019-10-12 15.35.17
Cutest co-pilot ever!

So fun fact, extreme performance summer tires do NOT do well on wet, grassy hills.  Nor later on gravel hills into parking areas.

2019-10-12 15.46.24

Photo credit: Josh Amato

After Cider Hill, we rallied over to dinner.  Dinner was kind of a debacle, but we all lived to tell the tale.

Next up, HAUNTED OVERLOAD.  A couple of us got there first and struggled getting up the very steep, gravelly road into the parking area.  Bonus for everyone else, the parking attendants then directed all the other MINIs to more MINI-friendly parking.

We had a blast at Haunted Overload.  No pictures allowed once inside (which is fine because I either would have dropped my phone or been unable to take any pics while gripping my daughter’s arm).

2019-10-12 21.34.00

2019-10-12 21.35.00

A great time had by all, I’ll definitely be back for this one next year!

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