March Movie Madness

Forget that it’s not March.  You missed out on March Madness.  You’re missing sports something fierce.  Well, we got you covered.  64 sports movies, ranked, and broken into divisions, put into brackets and ready to BATTLE IT OUT!

From a list of nearly 100 sports movies, we broke them into divisions (based on number of entries): Baseball, Football, Various Ball-Related Sports, Various Non-Ball-Related Sports.

From there, we looked up the scores for every movie on Rotten Tomatoes and ranked them within their division.  Taking the top 16 from each division, we put them into brackets based on ranked seeding (#1 versus #16, #2 versus #15, etc).

How to play:

  • Print out the brackets
  • Make your selections of which movie you think will which each match up
  • April 17-18, VOTE! On Round 1 via the Google form (link to be given later)
  • April 19-20, Vote on Round 2
  • April 21-22, Vote on Round 3
  • April 23-24, Vote on Round 4
  • April 25, Vote on semifinals
  • April 26, Vote on Championship!

After each round, winners will be announced.  Will your favorite movie win?  Play to find out!

Score yourself, give yourself points!  1 point for each correct pick in round 1, 2 for round 2, 4 for Round 3, 8 for round 4, 16 for semifinal, 32 for championship

Click HERE for the bracket!

Round 2

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