First blog post (on this blog anyway)

Here we are.  My third blog, I believe.  My first was a blogspot blog (is that even still a thing anymore), which I eventually migrated to my own domain over at  As the name sort of implied, it is (was?) largely about running and Lotus Notes (notes on running and running Notes, get it?).  Two things that didn’t go together, but it worked for me.

Now my interests seem to be changing.  I haven’t run in a while and even when I do, it’s sporadic.  I’m doing more technologies than just Notes.  I got this new MINI Cooper and it’s become my new obsession.  And I’ve gotten back into cooking.  So I figured maybe I needed to do something with the domain I’ve had sitting around.

A little bit about me:

I’m a developer.  I’m a mom.  I laugh a lot and loudly.  I’m a MINI enthusiast.  I’ve always been a feminist, but that part of me is really getting a workout lately.  I swear more than any sailor I’ve ever met.  A quote from my ten-year-old, “You’re the coolest person ever until there’s a lot of people or you’re driving”.  I’d say that about sums it up.

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