What You Can Do

Like many people, I am feeling overwhelmed right now.  The women’s march, protests at airports over the muslim ban, protests for the environment, etc.  I want to DO something, but it feels like there is too much to be done.  I hardly know where to begin and I feel pulled in a million directions.


Apparently, I am not alone.

I recently read this article, “How to Stay Outraged without Losing Your Mind”.  It’s a good piece.  Go read it.  tl; dr: it’s going to be a long four years, pace yourself.  That being said, I still feel like I need to do something.  So here’s what I’ve done/am doing/will do:

Donate to Planned Parenthood – women and women’s health are important to me.  I may not be able to DO anything to directly help, but I can definitely donate.

Donate to the ACLU – I would truly hope that civil liberties are important to everyone, certainly they are to me, I’ve donated and am now a card-carrying member.  It was wonderful to see the ACLU jump into action with the muslim ban.

Follow the ACLU on Twitter, it’s wonderful to see what they’re doing.

Donate to Doctors without Borders – I searched to see what I could do for Syrian refugees.  Again, I may not directly be able to help (my home is too small for the three people that already live here, so I can’t really lend a room to a family), but I can sure donate money to an organization that is providing hygiene kits, winter kits, and more to people displaced from their homes.

Knit or crochet pink pussy hats – it seems a small gesture, but it’s keeping my sanity right now.  I’m crocheting them for friends that request them.  I hope we all wear them proudly and let everyone know we support women.

Let your representatives know how you feel.  Yes, lots of people are calling.  No, you don’t have to.  I loathe the phone.  I loathe talking to people on the phone.  I’ve emailed my representatives.  I also follow Senator Jeanne Shaheen on Facebook and Twitter.  I like and share her status when it feels right to me.  Sure, it may not be the same as a phone call, but it lets her know someone believes in what she is saying and to keep on saying it.

Protect one another.  I’ve posted this image a couple of times on Facebook and I think it’s useful.  What to do when you witness someone being harassed:


Be kind to one another.  Love each other.  It’s trite and cliche, but it may be all that gets us through this.

Lastly, David Tenant tells us it’s all going to be ok.

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