Why YOU Should Be an IBM Champion

I recently recorded a quick “Champions in Action” video with Libby Ingrassia.  You can see it here in all of my cringe-worthy glory. In it, I discuss (among other things), why YOU should be a champion.  Yes, you…


I think far too many people think that if they aren’t “public” then they can’t be IBM Champion, and that’s plain WRONG.  If you are inside your company championing IBM products, going above and beyond your job to tell everyone about cool new IBM technology, or showing them the best features of ICS products, etc then you should be an IBM Champion.

The next thing out of people’s mouths tends to be that they “aren’t the type of person that can self-nominate, I’m not good at talking about myself.”  Well, suck it up, buttercup.  Think of it more like a resume.  It’s simply a place to list out what you’ve done, things the Champ committee (and people who would nominate you) won’t have a comprehensive list of until you provide it.

Gabriella Davis wrote a great blog post saying a lot of the the same things.  YOU should be a Champion.  She even gives some great examples of how you might fill out the nomination.  She’ll even HELP YOU.

So stop thinking that your achievements aren’t enough.  Stop limiting yourself by being afraid of “bragging”.  Go right now and nominate yourself (remember, it’s just like a resume!).  You have until November 13th.  (Which is incidentally my birthday, so do it for me!).  While you’re at it, nominate someone else you feel deserves it!  (The form for nominating someone else is much smaller than the one for nominating yourself).

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