So This Happened…


I am now a Professional Scrum Master I, certified by  In case you don’t know, it’s an Agile (aka project management framework) thing, not a rugby thing.  I don’t know squat about rugby.

I’ve been doing a lot of project management for a while now, in addition to my duties as developer.  Much of that was agile or agile-ish.  I decided to make it official and began studying Scrum (one of several flavors of agile) certification.

There are many scrum and agile certifications out there.  I did some research into the various certs.  Some certs require expensive classes, but easier (according to the internet) exams, which are included with the class.’s certification doesn’t require any classes, but is supposedly tougher to pass (I can’t verify as I haven’t yet taken any other exams) and the exam is reasonably priced (as far as cert exams go).  Not having time or budget for a class, and perversely wanting a more difficult cert, I chose  I began studying part-time in August or September and admittedly, failed my first attempt (it’s pass/fail, and I just missed the pass by 2%!!).  Since then I’ve taken a couple of Udemy courses, which cover a broader spectrum of information than just Agile Scrum and studied the given materials more.  I didn’t want to take any chances of missing it by a few percentage points.  I passed the exam this time with a 91%!  Boom!

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