Mt. Hale #4 of the NH48

Saturday, I solo hiked (apparently this is a big deal, so for the record, #1 and #2 were also solo hikes) Mt. Hale (4,054 feet).  Mt. Hale is of course, one of the New Hampshire 48 4,000-footers.  It’s also known for not having any view whatsoever as the trees around the summit have grown too tall to see anything.  I knew the weather would be rainy and that I was heading up to the White Mountains planning a hike on Saturday in the rain and then another hike on Sunday, in hopefully much nicer weather.

So, rainy Saturday, no view Mt. Hale was the perfect choice. I had also read that it didn’t have any of those pesky “rock scrambles” from Mt. Jackson that made it rather terrifying in the un-planned for rain.

Mt. Hale was rather uneventful.  4.4 miles out and back on the Hale Brook Trail. 2,176 feet of ascent.  And thanks to the rain and elevation, it took me 4 hours, 13 minutes.

I’ve realized all trails in the White Mountains start out at the trailhead as nice, wide, flat, dirt or pine needle trails.  Then about 100 yards in, HAHAHA FU, HAVE SOME ROCKS.

Yes, that’s the trail (rocks) going up and to the left. Yes, you have to cross a brook first.

Also, apparently New Hampshire doesn’t believe in switchback, all the trails are nearly a direct line STRAIGHT UP THE STINKING MOUNTAIN.

Anyway, the top of Hale is a giant rock cairn, surrounded by a slightly open area, which is in turn surrounded by trees.  Yay.



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