2018 Hiking Roundup

I didn’t start hiking until May of this year, but here are my totals –

Miles hiked: 77.9

Feet of elevation ascended: 25,881

48 NH 4,000-footers summited: 9

52 WAV summited: 4

Mountains summited: 18 (of those, 13 were solo)

Overnight backpacking nights: 1

And to give that 25,881 feet some perspective, the Empire State Building (including antenna) is 1,454 feet high.  So I climbed the height of the Empire State Building (including antenna) 17.8 times.

Just to entertain myself, I am tracking my miles versus what that would mean if I hiked the same distance on the AT and also what it corresponds with on the walk to Mordor (http://home.insightbb.com/~eowynchallenge/Walk/walk.html).  77.9 miles on the AT would mean I made it to the Georgia-North Carolina State Line and to the Bonfire Glade on the way to Mordor.

Prior to the end of this year, I thought I might have 75 as a goal for next year, but since I hit that, I guess I should up the number.

Achievable Goals for 2019 –

Miles hiked: 100

NH48: 10

Let’s do this.

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