Mt Willard #4 52WAV

Admittedly, I am a completionist.  aka give me a list, I want to complete it.  As mentioned previously, I am pursuing the 48 NH 4000-footers.  While doing those, I also hit some other peaks which it turns out are on the “52WAV” list, 52 With a View.  The 52WAV are under 4,000 feet, but for the most part promise good views (the list is a bit old, so a few of the views are obstructed with tree growth).

Now that I’m hiking in winter, I want to a) take it easy at first and b) hike shorter trails. So, I figured tackling some 52WAV would be easier than jumping straight to 4000-footers in winter.

A few more “internet ladies” joined me (like yesterday’s hike to Mt Major).  The starting temperature was 16 degrees Fahrenheit and cloud cover, but luckily no wind.

  • 3.2 miles
  • 2 hours, 27 minutes (includes stops and a little extra at the end when I forgot to shut off the app)
  • 961 feet ascended

Since Mt. Willard is farther north than Mt Major, there was a lot more snow on the ground.  No bare spots.  The trail was already broken out, so we were able to use our microspikes the entire hike.  We met up at the AMC Highland Center (the trail starts just across a field from there), which is delightful to begin and end a hike at a place with flushing toilets and running water.

Despite the 16 degree temperature, I quickly removed layers down to just my lined leggings and long sleeve smartwool base layer.  Hat and gloves off.  And even then, I was still sweating.  I had “frost chest” as one of the ladies called it.  (My sweat had wicked out of the shirt and was freezing).

The sun poked out just in time for our summit.  Lovely view, (we think Chocorua in the far distance).  We enjoyed a snack and some water, then back down for a fairly quick ascent (especially by hikers claiming to be slow).

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