Addendum to There’s No Crying in Hiking

This is an important addendum to “There’s No Crying in Hiking”

It’s important to know that hiking requires you to be stubborn.  To push through.  A good portion of hiking sucks.  We learn to enjoy the suck, because the reward is amazing.  But if you gave into every time your brain said “this sucks, let’s stop”, you’d never hike.  So you have to ignore your brain when it says you should stop.

But there is a flip side to that, and that is pushing through when you shouldn’t.  Ignoring an oncoming thunderstorm on an exposed summit and “pushing through” is just stupid.  Sometimes it’s really easy and obvious to know if you’re being stubborn or if you’re being stupid.  Sometimes it’s harder to see it for yourself.  That’s frequently when people get into trouble and end up needing rescue.

I cannot thank Right Turn enough for gently asking (before we even got to the gondola), how I was feeling, and did I maybe think we should reconsider our plans?  Then again when we got to the gondola for ever so gently suggesting we should stop, rethink, and take the gondola down.  It was the right decision, even if I didn’t see it myself.

It was also a heartbreaking decision.  This wasn’t turning back for weather, or bad trail conditions.  This was me.  Purely and completely me.  I took too long.  So I sobbed and mourned that.  That may sound weird, but it’s true.  And Right Turn knew how I would feel and she still did the right thing and suggested it.  I am forever grateful to have such a great hiking partner!

Now on to part 2…

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