Hedgehog Mountain – #11 52WAV

At some point, I realized I was a little too focused on chasing down lists, especially the NH 4000 footers.  I was pushing too hard to enjoy it.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I took some time off from hiking and that was one of several reasons.  Coming back to it (stronger than ever, thank you cross functional fitness training!), I am trying to make smart hike choices that aren’t overly ambitious.  (Please remind me of this later this summer, I’ve already planned more than I should probably be doing!).

Anyway!  On to the hike!  Hedgehog Mountain.  4.7 miles and an elevation gain of 1400 feet.  Which is essentially walking almost 5 miles while climbing the Empire State Building and getting back down…in snow.


Trailhead selfie!  Hiked with some friends, including one making her way back from a long winter of surgeries and physical therapy (and so much CrossFit that she still kicked my ass on the trail).


This is a lovely hike.  It starts out very gradual and just a nice little “walk in the woods”.  As you can see here, conditions were perfect.  The trail was nicely packed down and we were able to just wear our microspikes.


Here is the trail along one of the ledges.  As you may recall from some previous posts, I am not a fan of ledges.  However, in winter, they can be a lot easier.  You don’t slip on granite slabs (since you can’t see the granite!) and the packed down snow makes the trail more level.


Hedgehog is interesting in that there doesn’t seem to be a regular summit.  You don’t suddenly pop out at a clear highest point.  The trail winds around the top, which provides great views in different directions.  Here we are summit-ish, with Mt Washington behind me.

Weather was perfect.  While it was forecast to get overcast, it never did.  Mid 30s for temps.  We really couldn’t have asked for a better day for a winter hike.  Plus great hiking partners made for a really lovely day!


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