2023 Plans

I mentioned in my last post that I’d like to finish the NH 48 4000-footers this year. This is a big goal. I think I can do it, but as I said, it requires planning, follow through, and of course favorable weather.

The current plan/mapping out of what I have left and how I’ll tackle them:

East Osceola. I’ll either just grab this one on it’s own, or hike it with Osceola. I’ve already got Osceola, so it’ll really just depend on when I attempt this one and which way I want to go. Either way, it’s a day hike. 8.4 miles, 2950 feet of elevation gain.

Isolation. It’s right in the name. I won’t be peak bagging with this one. A long hike because it’s…isolated. I’ll be doing this as an overnight. 14.6 miles, 3600 feet of elevation gain.

Owl’s Head. The last of the non-peak-baggable summits for me. Another long one, another overnight. 18 miles, 2900 feet of elevation gain.

Carter Wildcat traverse. Now shit gets real. If you’ll recall back in 2019 when I failed to summit Wildcat D. Well, I’ll be trying it again. I may alter the start for the sake of the summits (and my sanity). A two-night trip, this traverse will get me Wildcat D, Wildcat A, Carter Dome, South Carter, Middle Carter, and Moriah (and a bonus 52 with a view). 17.5 miles, 6800 feet of elevation gain.

The Bonds. Not James Bond. Bond, West Bond, and Bondcliff. Another overnighter. 22.6 miles, 4800 feet of elevation gain.

The finale. A Northern Presi traverse, spread over two nights and three days. Madison, Adams, Jefferson, and finally, Washington.

In total: 16 4000-footers, 94 miles, 28,150 feet of elevation gain. That’s excluding any training hikes before this all begins. The good news is that I hiked more than that in 2019 and 2020, so it’s possible.

I’ve got the plan. I just need to follow through. I need life to cooperate and not throw any big obstacles at me or my hiking partners. I need mother nature to cooperate and at least keep the lightning at bay.

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