Days of Creativity

Every year around January 15th, I notice someone is doing some sort of daily challenge. Like “take a photo every day of the year”. It always appeals to me, but feels wrong to start mid-January. So this year, I managed to plan ahead. I decided to “do something creative every day of the year”. There are some obvious choices for me: crocheting, sewing, embroidery. But I also added playing music. And also baking/cooking. I used to do both quite a bit, but haven’t really in years. There’s no time minimum per day. Just that I do SOMETHING and post it on Facebook/Instagram for both accountability and record of it (and those memories to pop up next year!).

I’m at day 231. I think it’s truly helped keep me sane in a year when the world has a lot going on that’s overwhelming.

I’m blogging about it here because I’d like to write a little more than “fits” in an instagram post for some of the process and how it’s gone for me. This is just an intro post with the deeper dives to come. Being 2/3 of the way through the year, I’m hopeful that I can also have an end of year post highlighting what I’ve done!

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