Pine Mountain – #24 of the 52WAV

Big plans for this summer, but first we have to get back into fighting shape. That all started today with our first non-winter conditions hike of the year. Right Turn suggested Pine Mountain, from the 52 WAV list. It’s actually new to the list. They revised the 52 WAV list in 2020. As some summits get overgrown with trees, there’s less view. Pine Mountain was one of the new additions. Pine Mountain’s summit is actually privately owned by the Horton Center, a faith-based camp and religious center. They kindly allow the public to hike to trails, as long as the public doesn’t access the camp, or go to “Chapel Rock” during June, July, and August (when camp is in session).

Right Turn, Rainbow, and I planned our hike for May 7th. Then Right Turn invited a friend. At the same time, a co-worker of mine from about 12 years ago reached out about hiking together. So I invited her (Laura, no trail name yet). I also invited my daughter’s bestie’s mom (Kerri, no trail name yet), since I heard she might want to go hiking, and this would be a good moderate hike to start with. Right Turn invited another friend. So from three ladies, we were now seven.

It’s a relatively short hike, but it’s WAYYYYYY up north. My usual two hour drive, would now be three hours, including stops to pick up Rainbow and Kerri. At 10 am, we met up at the trailhead with Right Turn, her two friends, AND she picked up Laura on her way.

A selfie and then a photo taken by a fellow hiker in the parking lot. Apparently it was mint day, color-wise. Ha!

The hike begins on a dirt/gravel road. Then we took the Ledge Trail, which loops around. We had read that counter-clockwise was the best approach. It was a nice and varied little hike. Some steep bits, but nothing terrible. Some granite slabs, but all manageable. Then this view…

That’s Mt. Madison with snow on it. In a later view we could see Washington, which you can just see peaking around behind Madison with more snow on it.

Not much farther and there was another view, just before the summit.

Summit selfie.

We walked back the few feet to the view, for a great lunch spot. And more views.

Me and Kerri

Summit-ish selfie, photo credit: Laura

Lunch included a hilarious conversation (well, several) including the “Do Not Hike” list. Which is not a list of hikes you shouldn’t do, but people we’ve hiked with that we’d prefer not to hike with again. For… reasons. All the ladies today have managed to stay off my Do Not Hike list. We’ll see if they invite me back, or if I’ve made their lists.

We continued on the loop, heading to Chapel Rock. Another couple of views, including one with a nice bench.

First there was this cool rock (which I think is just below Chapel Rock) and some moose poop.

Then Chapel Rock. We took a hilarious video in order to get a still photo (the timer wouldn’t allow enough time for me to get into position). I think the one with the ladies on top is the album cover, and the other one is band practice. Haha

A great time had by all with lots of laughs and smiles!

  • Distance: 4 miles
  • Elevation gain: 1000 feet
  • Total time: 3 hours, 30 minutes
  • Moving time: 2 hours, 22 minutes

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